Overdramatic French bulldog fakes limp to catch owner's attention
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Pets
Pet moggie takes a nap on owner's wok
Phetchabun, Thailand #Pets
Guilty pet dog bows down while being scolded for chewing on power plug
Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand #Pets
Stray bandit dog caught on CCTV stealing hospital's doormats
Amnat Charoen, Thailand #Pets
Friendly pet dog asks monk for meat skewers
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Pet Labrador Retriever dog proudly walks around with frog in mouth before gifting it to her owner
Surat Thani, Thailand #Pets
Three abandoned ginger kittens found cowering behind resident’s washing machine
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Pets
Clever puppy beats owner in game of tic-tac-toe
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
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