Ice cream man has awesome trick hurling desserts 20ft in the air and catching in cones
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
Artist heats cardboard using candle to draw awesome portrait of American pop star Billie Eilish
Bulacan, Philippines #Awesomeness
Teacher turns classroom into a game show to encourage fun learning to students
Pampanga, Philippines #Awesomeness
Talented toy fanatic creates incredible hand-crafted miniature town
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
American climber has heart-stopping footage of adventures on Mount Everest
Nepal #Awesomeness
Japanese artist carves mind-bending wood sculptures that look like real food
Shizuoka, Japan #Awesomeness
Workers swing on fairground ride to manually power it without electricity
North Sulawesi, Indonesia #Awesomeness
Awesome POV footage from indoor bike track will make you feel like you’re riding
OH, USA #Awesomeness
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