Baseball player hits an epic basketball shot from the pitching mound
Florida, USA #Awesomeness
Speed skater shows off her precision skills
Hebei, China #Awesomeness
Baseball cap appears to levitate above bus passenger's head
Heilongjiang Province, China #Awesomeness
Artist makes incredible shadow art of Mona Lisa from pieces of cardboard
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Awesomeness
Watch visitors negotiate this awesome obstacle course over pond
Henan, China #Awesomeness
Youngsters play on awesome swing over water park lake
Shandong, China #Awesomeness
Chinese juggler impresses onlookers with his two-piece bike
Jiangsu Province, China #Awesomeness
Pensioner practices space walking move on park fitness equipment
Sichuan, China #Awesomeness
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