Student shows off quick way to descend stairs in sandals
Shandong, China #Awesomeness
One-man-band busker impresses passers-by in China
Hunan, China #Awesomeness
Watch how syrup is made from osmanthus flowers in China
Sichuan, China #Awesomeness
Evening rain cascading down Chinese bridge makes mesmerising view
Hubei, China #Awesomeness
Chinese elderly gentleman's hat tip sparks feel-good moment
Liaoning, China #Awesomeness
Daughter gets up in wee hours to help mother peel corn
Jiangsu, China #Awesomeness
Girl falls off chair and grandpa catches her in time CCTV
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Awesomeness
Gundam fan makes DIY thunder clouds to hang robots from
Shanxi, China #Awesomeness
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