Girls have hilarious time trying golf for the first time
Auckland, New Zealand #Funny Virals
Runaway inflatable panda baffles locals in China
Jiangxi, China #Funny Virals
Distracted shop owner hits head on low-lying roll-up door
Bangkok, Thailand #Funny Virals
Clumsy tourist falls between stepping stones while posing for camera
Bangkok, Thailand #Funny Virals
Clumsy pupil slips on frozen road at university in China
Liaoning, China #Funny Virals
Cheeky cat reaches under gate to steal student's takeaway meal
Hunan, China #Funny Virals
Angry Chinese man orders bird to stop singing... and it complies
Jilin, China #Funny Virals
Tourist imitates dog barking sounds outside Chinese pet cafe
Jiangsu, China #Funny Virals
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