Station guard saves passenger who falls trying to board train
Rajasthan, India #Everyday Heroes
Pump attendant chases motorcycle rider who fled fuel station without paying
Roi Et, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Heroic tourist gives CPR to fainted pig
Hubei, China #Everyday Heroes
Helicopter rescues mountaineer stranded on mountain in Italy
Province of Cuneo, Italy #Everyday Heroes
Quick-thinking local rescues boy swept away by rapids in China
Yunnan Province, China #Everyday Heroes
Quick-thinking father catches infant falling from stroller in China
Anhui Province, China #Everyday Heroes
Brave captain dives into canal to save drowning girl in eastern China
Jiangsu Province, China #Everyday Heroes
American, 57, gives out free helmets to motorcycle riders on notoriously unsafe Thai roads
Chon Buri, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
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