Kind-hearted man rescues egret with leg stuck in ice in China
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes
Kind fishermen helps free whale shark trapped in their net
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Hero passer-by uses his LEG as a rope to rescue woman who slipped into lake
Yunnan, China #Everyday Heroes
Hero passer-by lies in water to use his body as a bridge for stranded tourists to walk to safety
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes
Toddler rescued after getting stuck in rickshaw while playing in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Hero teenagers climb up wall to rescue youngster trapped on ledge
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes
Brave worker catches wild python slither under expressway using bare hands
Bangkok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Woman makes incredible leap to save kid from face-planting in China
Hunan, China #Everyday Heroes
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