We give your story care and attention before it's sent to the world's media. Promote yourself or stay anonymous! Either way, enjoy the fruits or your hard work with payments from top media outlets such as the Daily Mail, New York Post, CNN, The Weather Channel and many more!
Viral Videos
Captured something in the right place at the right time? Upload the footage and we'll immediately start work packaging, promoting and distributing the video to the world's media - from prime-time TV shows to Facebook publishers with tens of millions of followers. Plus, if any sites have used your video already without permission, our team will collect the payment from them you're entitled to.
Content Creators
You're a content creator with a large following on Facebook, TikTok or YouTube and you have an existing revenue stream from that. Great work! Add another avenue for monetising your videos to the max by distributing them to the media. We understand how important your brand is, so we'll make sure your credit is displayed prominently to drive more traffic to your channels.
Freelance videographers & photographers
You're old hat at this game and you're out on the streets capturing protests and events. It pays your bills and you're happy with that. Let ViralPress be the one to send your content to the world's biggest news outlets AP and Reuters and add to your pay cheque.
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