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Creepy worm 'with horns' crawls on dirty bathroom wall in Myanmar

Footage shows the slimy creature searching for a way outside the tiled room in Yangon on May 26.
2022-10-01 12:44:48

Shark-shaped cloud appears over St Petersburg, Russia

The long thin cloud had a clearly defined mouth, body, fin and tail. It dissipated shortly after the cool autumn sunset in the Russian city on September 30 - the last day of the third quarter of the year.
2022-10-01 12:36:31

Rescue teams feed dogs stranded in Typhoon Noru floods in Thailand

The team were delivering aid to flood-stricken villagers in Ubon Ratchathani province on September 30 when they came across the pair of pooches lying atop a cage to escape the knee-deep floods.
2022-09-30 18:04:48

Wild elephant roams outside villager's house in Thailand

The jumbo was filmed taking a stroll amid a downpour just outside resident Sirikhom Kmr's home in Chachoengsao province on September 29.
2022-09-30 17:56:01

Clingy pet duck refuses to leave its owner's side

The fowl was filmed tailing the man, who was busy taking pictures of a local event in the town of Alubijid in Misamis Oriental province on June 30.
2022-09-30 17:18:50

Boy gives Chinese soldiers snappy salute

Footage shows the youngster greeting the uniformed military men at a train station in Wuzhou City, Guangxi region on September 21.
2022-09-30 17:01:58

Terrified tourists cling to seats as enormous tidal wave pounds boat in the Philippines

The holidaymakers were heading to a resort when they were met with severe weather off the coast of Dinagat Islands on September 25 afternoon.
2022-09-30 16:01:48

Hapless monitor lizard rescued after its head was stuck in drain in Thailand

The creature was trying to climb from the sewers by squeezing through a hole in the concrete structure in Ayutthaya province on September 29.
2022-09-30 16:00:08

Cafe designed like Japanese train station in Thailand

The trendy shop, IRL Coffee Bar Station, located along Udomsuk, takes its inspiration from Japanese public transport.
2022-09-30 15:30:28

Strong water rages through resort during Typhoon Noru onslaught in Thailand

River-like floods cascaded down a street at a homestay in Saraburi province after the storm swept through the country on September 29.
2022-09-30 15:27:31

Massive 17ft long python caught after eating family's pet dog

The giant reptile was found by the property owner Netnarin Siriyanon, 40, while he was trimming the grass along the pond's banks in Chachoengsao province on September 28.
2022-09-30 15:25:52

Buddhist pagoda COLLAPSES after being battered by rain during Typhoon Noru in Thailand

The ancient structure was severely weakened by months of consecutive rain - some of the worst to hit the country in recent years - before the tropical storm dealt the final blow today, September 29.
2022-09-30 09:03:22

Thai artist sells practical birthday 'cakes' made out of banknotes

Pakkatorn Sukkho builds the unique gifts from bundles of real cash for locals who can't settle on a suitable present for their loved ones.
2022-09-29 19:07:17

This seaside Buddhist temple has been abandoned for 50 years in Thailand

The skeletal Djittabhawan Temple, with its rusty steel beams and graffitied concrete columns exposed to the salty sea air, sits inside a college complex of the same name in Chonburi's Pattaya City.
2022-09-29 19:07:10

Hero driver saves scared little kitten trapped on flyover in Thailand

Pankaew Kanphong spotted the tiny black figure on his way home in Bangkok on September 23.
2022-09-29 19:06:51

Pet beagle sparks panic while playing tag with knife in its mouth

The naughty pooch named Pla-too was filmed wielding the sharp object as it sprinted across the living room of their home in Samut Prakan province, Thailand on September 20.
2022-09-29 19:06:36

Dozens of snakes crawl across dirt road in Laos

The slithering reptiles appeared to have emerged from their nest and littered the path in Savannakhet province on August 7.
2022-09-29 19:05:42

Large clouds of smoke reduce visibility due to brushfire in Australia

Video shows a thick wall of smoke obscuring the horizon near Rockingham City on September 29.
2022-09-29 18:33:32

Ancient Buddhist pagoda COLLAPSES after being battered by rain as typhoon lashes Thailand

The ancient structure was severely weakened by months of consecutive rain - some of the worst to hit the country in recent years - before the tropical storm dealt the final blow today, September 29.
2022-09-29 18:19:24

Foreign gang 'extorts $3m in cryptocurrency' from tourists in Thailand

The group of six - composed of a German, a Russian, two Kazakhstani men, and two other foreigners of unclear nationality - had reportedly approached the tourists Evgenii and Ekaterna Abduliin, both 31, at a cafe on Koh Samui in Surat Thani province on September 15.
2022-09-29 17:26:44
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