Roti seller becomes hit with tourists looking for street food in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Pirate ship fairground ride operated by a guy sitting under carriage pushing lever
Davao del Norte, Philippines #Food & Travel
Live weevil larvae served bathed in sauce in shot glasses
Ayutthaya, Thailand #Food & Travel
Thai locals form long queue outside dessert shop to buy discounted mango sticky rice
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
First flights from China arrive in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Food & Travel
Amusing sweet tooth catfish asks owner for some crepe
Ratchaburi Province, Thailand #Food & Travel
Mouthwatering footage shows Korean bingsu shaved ice dessert being made at Michelin rated cafe
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Creative cook makes two-in-one take-out containers for eating and drinking simultaneously
Songkhla, Thailand #Food & Travel
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