Burger King restaurant features Spider-Man theme to mark release of new superhero film in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Lifestyle
Customers try bizarre leech therapy 'to relieve body pain'
Bangkok, Thailand #Lifestyle
Tourist giggles as she steps on tickling massage walking path in Japan
Saitama, Japan #Lifestyle
Robert Downey Jr visits Southern Thailand for filming of new HBO series
Songkhla, Thailand #Lifestyle
Tourists spin upside down in dizzying theme park ride in South Korea
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea #Lifestyle
Pretty model left in agony with a blistering face after paying for cheap fillers in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Lifestyle
Petite Thai girl shows off cute belly hairs and becomes internet star
Bangkok, Thailand #Lifestyle
Blind transgender woman pleads for help finding a job
Bangkok, Thailand #Lifestyle
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