Kind commuters save dog lying on train tracks
Kaohsiung, Taiwan #Heartwarming
Residents save kitten dangling from balcony in China
Jiangsu, China #Heartwarming
Villagers use trolley to save dog stranded in sewage
Bangkok, Thailand #Heartwarming
Pensioner, 64, rescues girl struggling to stay afloat in river
Shandong Province, China #Heartwarming
Sweet toddler lends a helping hand while loading truck
Zhejiang Province, China #Heartwarming
Pet cat comforts its crying owner in China
Shaanxi Province, China #Heartwarming
Family rescued from Ferris wheel in Italy
VT, Italy #Heartwarming
Dog stuck in railings saved by Good Samaritans in China
Zhejiang, China #Heartwarming
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