Families reunite at China-Vietnam border to celebrate Lunar New Year together
China-Vietnam border. #Heartwarming
Taylor Swift fan jumps for joy when she receives concert tickets as graduation gift
TX, USA #Heartwarming
Old woman guides pet dog across road in the Philippines
Metro Manila, Philippines #Heartwarming
Kind grandmother feeds two kids she saw begging for change at fastfood restaurant in the Philippines
Occidental Mindoro, Philippines #Heartwarming
Little girl breaks down in tears when missing pet cat returns after two years
West Java, Indonesia #Heartwarming
Woman becomes online hit after bravely revealing how she puts in prosthetic eye following tumour battle
Metro Manila, Philippines #Heartwarming
Kind hairdresser transforms mum-of-three with rotten teeth into glamorous model
Pampanga, Philippines #Heartwarming
Animal lover befriends squirrel by feeding it fruit every day
Bangkok, Thailand #Heartwarming
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