Russian Ka-52M helicopter uses unguided aircraft missiles to hit camouflaged Ukrainian positions
Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Russian BM-21 Grad MLRS fires rockets at Ukrainian military positions at night
Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Russian Marine Corps advance on Donetsk front line
Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Russian FPV drones destroy Ukrainian dugouts along with soldiers and military equipment
Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Animal rights activists attack King Charles portrait at National Gallery in London
London, UK #Conflict & Protests
Women voters protest over 'broken promise' to pay them for cash after election
Delhi, India #Conflict & Protests
Russian tanker destroy Ukrainian positions and prevent rotation of soldiers and ammunition supply
Ukraine #Conflict & Protests
Japan and U.S. in joint show of strength in Philippine Sea amid China threat
Philippines #Conflict & Protests
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