Truck bounces uncontrollably while parked in China
Fujian Province, China #Cars & Vehicles
Motorcycle rider gets stuck on level crossing as train approaches
Lopburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pickup truck drifts and flips over road
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Ghost motorcycle rolls through petrol station forecourt in India
Madhya Pradesh, India #Cars & Vehicles
Out-of-control pickup truck crashes into family's front yard
Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pump attendant calmly douses flames engulfing lorry at petrol station
Telangana, India #Cars & Vehicles
Rider loses control of his motorcycle when it surges forward
Shandong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Station guard saves woman when she gets dragged by train
Gujarat, India #Cars & Vehicles
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