Frequently Asked Questions

Uploading Videos

If we’re contacting you, it means there’s a strong chance your video will earn revenue from our network. Talk with the researcher or go ahead and upload the clip!

The most important rule is that you recorded the video yourself - that means you were holding the camera. If someone else recorded something great and then sent you a video, it’s important that they are the person. Even if they recorded it on your phone, they have to be the person who grants permission for the video to be used and uploads the content. For help figuring out this situation, send us a message, and we can ensure that the correct agreement is made among all parties.

One other rule is that the person who recorded the video and uploads or grants permission must be over 18 years of age. If not, the legal guardian, such as a mother or father, must give permission.

Anything that makes people sit up and say ‘wow!’. This could be something you saw happening in the street, a family member doing something crazy, or a news event that you happened to be in the right place and the right. Videos are popular if they are cute, funny, shocking, interesting, colourful, dramatic, extreme, unusual, innovative, unique or something else. If you’re unsure, give it a try, and we can give feedback.

For the video to be licensed to media outlets, it needs to be in its original form - no music, editing, filters, captions, emojis or other additions. This allows media to use the video clearly and also add their own titles and text to it.

All videos are stored securely using cloud storage with Digital Ocean.
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