Frequently Asked Questions


The company policy is not to remove videos we have obtained the rights to either non-exclusively or exclusively via an upload to the platform. This helps ensure that the time and effort spent working with the video has not been in vain. However, if the agreement is made prior to granting permission or uploading a video, that usage includes the right for the licensor to remove the video, such a condition will be honored on the basis that it will take 45 days for the video to be removed from the ViralPress platform and other third party content partners.

ViralPress as a brand name was formed in January 2017. The system had operated loosely alongside other agencies and under different names for at least 10 years before that.

ViralPress is a privately owned company so it’s not possible to invest publicly through stock exchange (yet!).

All data is secured with cloud storage. The storage complies with all data laws and regulations in all major jurisdictions.

All data is used only for the purposes of the business. The information is never shared with third parties.
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