Frequently Asked Questions


There’s no limit to how much you can earn from your viral video. Unlike other agencies, there’s no cap on the amount. That means it could be tens of thousands.

Earnings are credited to the account of the filmer, or licensor, the moment that ViralPress receives the information. Once you click ‘withdraw’, earnings are processed on the next working Friday.

Earnings are viewable in ‘My Earnings’ in your dashboard. If you uploaded multiple videos, the earnings of each are viewable, as well as the total due and the history of payouts made.

Bank transfer is the most widely used method. However, PayPal, Western Union or cryptocurrency can also be used. In some territories, such as the Philippines, GCash is most widely used. If there’s an alternative payment method you are interested in using, ask about this on the contact page.

Some videos may earn a lot, and others may earn very little. Unfortunately, it’s not an exact science, and many factors can affect a video’s earning potential. However, we can state here that the average amount paid out in 2022 was 87 USD. That is not per video. It is per payout.

This might be hard to hear, but it’s probably not good enough. Occasionally a great clip may be overlooked, in which case if you feel that your viral video should be earning more, send an email to let us know. However, if a video is really as good as it looks, the chances are there will be revenue.

The minimum amount a video can earn before a payout can be requested is $15. Anything lower and the admin and transfer costs make it unviable. If you’re short of the payout threshold, try uploading more videos.

Payments can be made in any currency. Generally the payment will be made in the same currency of the country that you’re based in. For example, video filmers in the U.S. will receive dollars, in Europe it will be Euros, in the UK, pound sterling, in the Philippines, the Peso etc

We don’t charge any currency conversion fees on payouts. The rate is taken from Wise bank or the Google mid-market average.

No, there are no extra fees. Other agencies may deduct ‘admin’ or ‘marketing’ fees. At ViralPress, the amount shown is the amount you will receive.
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