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You own the video, provided you were the person holding the camera or as is most common, the phone that was recording the video. If you set up the camera on a tripod or stand, then pressed record, you own it. If someone else was holding the phone, even if the phone belongs to you, they own the video. They will need to upload the video or transfer the rights to you.

If you bought the dash cam car camera and were driving the car, then you own the video. If you bought the CCTV system, you were operating the system, you own the video. If the car or surveillance camera belongs to someone else, such as a relative or employer, contact us to discuss the situation further.

You will always be the owner of the original video. Uploading the video gives ViralPress the exclusive right to make copies of and reproductions of your video. This exclusivity ensures that your video is properly managed and only used by reputable media who are willing to pay the correct fee your video deserves.

If lots of rival video and news agencies all have the same video, earnings don’t multiply, they become reduced. Companies competing to sell the same product, your video, begin to reduce the price until the asset becomes almost worthless in terms of revenue. If the video is being shown freely, on hundreds, or thousands of platforms, it loses its value very quickly. In economics, this is called supply and demand.

Please ensure you have uploaded the video to ViralPress. Then politely inform the media individual that ViralPress is managing the video exclusively and send them the link to license the content. We also recommend editing the post's text and adding the following disclaimer or in a comment underneath: ‘This original video is managed exclusively by ViralPress. For all licensing inquiries, please email’

Yes, we can. ViralPress can collect the revenue from the company ourselves or we have a partner company with lawyers in more than 200 countries who we work with on a daily basis collecting usage fees. Notable victories over media conglomerates who used content without permission include winning cases and extracting fees from CNN, AFP, Sky News, BBC, China Times and others.
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