Multitasking dad soothes baby and rubs dog's tummy at the same time
Bulacan, Philippines #Awesomeness
Lonely pet dog stares longingly at owner through staff room window
Ranong, Thailand #Pets
Exasperated owners fit pet cat with applicator stick to keep it from slipping through gate
Lamphun, Thailand #Pets
Playful pet dog pushes balloon into air with nose
Surat Thani, Thailand #Pets
Talented pet dogs follow commands for treats in China
Hebei, China #Pets
Boy spins around with his beloved pet Corgi dog
Hebei, China #Cute Kids
Pet capybara twitches its nose and ears while being touched
Beijing, China #Pets
Pet cat lures monitor lizard out of owner's home by tricking it into chase him
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Buddhist monk rescues puppy with head stuck in metal gate
Si Sa Ket, Thailand #Pets
Barking mad! Brave border collie squares up to tiger at zoo in China
Zhejiang, China #Pets
Attentive pet cat listens to vet giving diagnosis
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Happy pet pig squeals while being swayed by owner
Daegu, South Korea #Pets
Aero-beaks! Pet macaw parrot copies owner's work-out moves
Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand #Pets
Feline chilly? Cat accidentally gets locked inside owner's freezer
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Clumsy pet cat gets itself stuck under closet
Shaanxi, China #Pets
Pet tabby cat bizarrely puts foot in mouth and sucks it
Suphan Buri, Thailand #Pets
Owner shows off meticulous food preparation for pampered pet Dachshund
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Pet cats and dogs wander through university class helping students to relax
Guangdong, China #Pets
Loyal pet dog refuses to leave bride at Chinese wedding
Sichuan, China #Pets
Pet cat adorably cuddles little girl while she sleeps
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets