Pet groomer makes life-like snow sculpture of Bichon Frise dog
Hunan Province, China #Pets
Pet cat has deadpan expression when he finds woman clinging to door playing hide-and-seek
Guangdong Province, China #Pets
Firefighters rescue shepherd dog trapped by strong current in river
Province of Vicenza, Italy #Everyday Heroes
Pet poodle nearly chokes as leash gets trapped between moving lift doors
Jiangsu, China #General News
Pet Golden Retriever carries basket in its mouth across road
Cebu, Philippines #Pets
Mischievous pet cat returns home with stolen fried fish
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Chubby pet dog's body lathered with soap during bath
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Child hides to prank pet dog in China
Guangdong Province, China #Pets
Pet dog hilariously confused by helium balloon tied to its back
Quezon City, Philippines #Pets
Shiba Inu paralysed from long flight revived by pet handlers
Manila, Philippines #Pets
Super-size cat trade show attracts pet owners in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Pet cats communicate with each other using meows
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Pets
Doting mum spoon-feeds her pampered pet American Bully
Cebu, Philippines #Pets
Visitor sees pet dog that looks like it has four eyes
Hunan, China #Pets
Pet cat assists owner while he exercises in driveway
Thailand #Pets
Pet goat with bow legs walks like a crab
Cavite, Philippines #Pets
Skateboarding pet dog given a push by pooch friend
Manila, Philippines #Pets
Pet cockatiel sings and dances during reunion with owner behind bars
Cebu, Philippines #Pets
Curious pet cat pokes banknotes with paws at money counter machin
Thailand #Pets
Clingy pet puppy hops into hammock to join his owner
Thailand #Pets