Pet owner trains her Golden Retriever to chew through package straps
Zhejiang, China #Pets
Villagers keep friendly palm civets as pets at their home in Thailand
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Cheeky pet turtle drags clothes rack around the front yard
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Cat lovers can feed moggies catnips and enjoy desserts in this pet cafe
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Firefighter rescues dog from frozen lake in Utah
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Pet cats cuddle on car dashboard while travelling with owners
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Lost dog cried uncontrollably upon being reunited with owner
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Father uses plastic bag to introduce pet cat to newborn baby
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Stray dogs stand in a queue like humans at petrol station
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Pet Pomeranian sparks panic when it dashes in front of oncoming cars
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Pet cat trades plastic bottle rings for treats
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Pet cat trapped in truck undercarriage while chasing rat rescued in Thailand
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Food delivery rider takes two pet parrots to work with him
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Pet dog enjoys a 'tornado bath' spinning round in water
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Pet French Bulldog rides on the back of donkey
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Brave pet cat stares down giant python in Thailand
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Man provokes pet dog to attack wild monkeys for video content
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Chilled pet cat refuses to leave its spot inside refrigerator
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Sleep kitten makes cute heart shape with its forelegs
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Pet dogs chase away monitor lizard intruder in Thailand
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