Huge 12ft python caught after eating a pet cat
Chai Nat, Thailand #Wildlife
Gas tank explosion kills one and injures three others in Thailand
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Pet owner returns from holiday to find cat had given birth to kittens
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Pet axolotl escapes through toilet bowl while being cleaned
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Uncle dances with his pet dog on his back at Chinese party
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Snow falls during spring in Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Children take their pet turtles for a stroll in the river
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Chinese man grooms pet mouse with small brush
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Pet parrot rubs beak against door he tries to open
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Texas floods rescue team save stranded pet dogs
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Pampered pet Pug has Mexican themed third birthday party
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Pet cat becomes an airport regular with owner briging him for her shift
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Pet cats fling into air when their owner slips down chair
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Pet dog with fluffy white fur covers itself in mud
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Brazil floods rescuers save hundreds of pet dogs
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