Pet owner's cat matchmaking idea doesn't go to plan
Henan, China #Pets
Hapless pet dog needs help getting down from roof
Chon Buri Province, Thailand #Pets
Chubby pet French Bulldog sprawls on floor while having soapy bath
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Pets
Petite Thai woman in high heels WHIPS waiters for being late to work
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Clumsy pet cat gets stuck on power cable
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Friendly pet dog jumps and down to see neighbours behind fence
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Pet Chihuahuas fight and delay group photo
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Purr-minator! Pet cat flexes muscles on sofa
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Pet dog enjoys lavish birthday party in the Philippines
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Pet dog looks crestfallen with sad puppy eyes
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Pet dog looks seriously unhappy being buried in mud by owner
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Pet meerkat curls up with its daddy in car
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Pet frog undergoes acupuncture treatment for its leg injury
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Schoolgirl trips over pet dog sitting in shop
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Pet dog rides alongside giant horse statue in pickup truck
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Sisters use camping mattress to slide down grassy hill with puppy
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Curious pet goat wanders through hospital
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Pet bushbaby climbs all over woman as she drives car
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Pet tortoise makes off with family's clothes rack
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Two pet cockatiels bathe together on table
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