Farmer sparks outrage by holding a wedding with a female GOAT in Indonesia
Gresik, Indonedia #General News
Tourists spark outrage after having sex on beach in Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Lucky duck escapes hungry monitor lizard after being caught
Bali, Indonesia #Wildlife
Crocodile victim found half-eaten in Indonesia
East Kalimantan, Indonesia #General News
Terrified villagers watch as tornado destroys dozens of homes in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Homes swept into sea as coastal erosion causes ground to collapse in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Large waterspout tornado shocks fishermen as it swirls off the coast of Indonesia
North Kalimantan Province, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Huge python caught in market stall roof in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #General News
Fearless local stands on roofs to battle fire tearing through warehouse in Indonesia
Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia #General News
Sssss-urprise package! 10ft-long king cobra escapes from parcel at post office in Indonesia
West Java Province, Indonesia #Wildlife
Surging waterfall overflows into streets following heavy rain in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Australian tourist, 28, found dead in hotel in Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Truck topples over narrowly missing policeman before crashing into car
West Java Province, Indonesia #Cars & Vehicles
Driver's arm bitten off by crocodile after he washed his hands in animal's enclosure
West Kalimantan, Indonesia #General News
Driver's arm bitten off by crocodile after he washes his hands in pool in zoo's enclosure
#General News
Idiotic zoo visitor apologises for taunting orangutan before it attacked him in Indonesia
Riau, Indonesia #General News
Idiotic zoo visitor attacked by ORANGUTAN after jumping over fence to taunt the animal 'for a video'
Riau, Indonesia #Wildlife
Firefighters drill through resident's bathroom to save kitten trapped below in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #Heartwarming
Passengers scream as turbulence rocks plane during aborted landing in Indonesia
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia #General News
Train crashes into minibus driving over level cross in Indonesia
Semarang Regency, Indonesia #Cars & Vehicles