Powerful tornado rips through neighbourhood and damages 90 houses in Indonesia
Gunungkencana district, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Hero passer-by rescues cow with head stuck in tree in Indonesia
Aceh, Indonesia #Wildlife
Fairground horror as pirate ship ride catches fire in Indonesia
East Java Province, Indonesia #General News
Fearless Indonesia man uses bare hands to catch snake
Papua, Indonesia #Wildlife
River turns blood red due to severe water pollution in Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #Natural World
Family stuck on sinking boat rescued in Indonesia
Lampung, Indonesia #
Brave youngsters pull trapped python out of drain in Indonesia
Jakarta Indonesia #
Newborn baby with umbilical cord still attached found alive in dumpster in Bali, Indonesia
North Kuta, Indonesia #
Student, 21, arrested after boasting about how much money she makes on OnlyFans in Indonesia
East Java, Indonesia #
Police seize cash and sports cars from two Indonesian YouTubers for 'running financial trading scam'
West Java, Indonesia #
Police seize a tonne of meth 'smuggled from Iran to Indonesia'
West Java, Indonesia #
Hundreds of people queue to buy cheap cooking oil in Indonesia
South Sumatra, Indonesia #
Delighted locals catch killer crocodile that ate their neighbour in Indonesia
Bengkulu, Indonesia #
Dozens of off-road motorbike riders get stuck in thick mud during race in Indonesia
Toraja, Indonesia #
Resident killed in flash flood in Indonesia
East Java, Indonesia #
Hilarious moment woman is flung from beach swing in Indonesia
Lombok, Indonesia #
Villager, 32, killed and two neighbours injured after makeshift oil well explodes in Indonesia
East Aceh, Indonesia #
Starving abandoned baby found covered in ants on mountain in Indonesia
Aceh, Indonesia #
Magnitude 6.7 earthquake jolts coast off western Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia #
Magnitude 6.7 quake sways chandelier in Indonesia
Sumatra, Indonesia #