Airport roof collapses in front of terrified passengers during rain storm in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Eleven worshippers washed out to sea and drown at beach ritual in Indonesia
Bondowoso Regency, East Java Province #
Ukrainian citizens scuffle over missing rented motorbike in Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #
Indonesia bus crash leaves at least 13 dead and dozens injured
Yogyakarta, Indonesia #
Youngsters carry giant 14ft-long python caught in forest in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #
Passenger bus roof ripped off after driving under low flyover in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #
Airport worker hurls boxes down boarding stairs of plane in Indonesia
Indonesia #
Violent winds topple billboards as intense rainstorm hits west Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #
Fluffy grey cat enjoys taking dip in water basin in Indonesia
Klaten, Indonesia #
Rolling clouds merge into rare 'giant pipe' formation in Indonesia
West Kalimantan, Indonesia #
Magnitude 6.7 earthquake damages buildings in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Indonesia as aquariums in buildings shake
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Indonesia shaking aquariums
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Pillion rider carries huge mirror on moving motorcycle in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Indonesia flood victims float on makeshift raft made out of water jugs
West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia #
Shopper rescued after getting HEAD stuck in escalator in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #
Soldiers retrieve a military TANK found in the sea in Indonesia
Riau Islands, Indonesia #
Security guard miraculously survives lightning bolt that struck his umbrella in Indonesia
North Jakarta, Indonesia #
Terrifying moment giant PYTHON is found curled up in family's toilet in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #
Rescue teams flee as Mount Semeru volcano erupts again in Indonesia
East Java, Indonesia #