Fisherman killed after legs were chews off by crocodile in Indonesia
Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia #General News
Magnitude 6.2 earthquake shakes homes in Indonesia
North Sumatra, Indonesia #General News
Frantic staff grapple with shop's glass door to keep it closed during freak storm in Indonesia
South Tangerang, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Mount Kerinci volcano expels 900-metre ash column in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #Natural World
Happy pet cat wags tail sitting on owner’s shoulder while riding scooter together in Indonesia
South Kalimantan, Indonesia #Pets
Smoke plume hangs over Mount Marapi volcano in Indonesia after eruption
West Sumatra, Indonesia #General News
Mount Marapi volcano spews white smoke while erupting in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Time-lapse footage shows Mount Marapi spewing white smoke in Indonesia
West Sumatra, Indonesia #Natural World
Speedboat carrying dozens of tourists capsizes in Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Driver rescued when car plunges into sea while boarding ferry in Indonesia
Banten, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Massive python caught under family's living room floor in Indonesia
Central Kalimantan, Indonesia #Wildlife
Amusing friendly goat joins girl taking selfies at farm in Indonesia
Tengah, Indonesia #Funny Virals
Baby boy rescued in basin from floods in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Storm sparks panic as it tears down gypsum wall at Indonesian airport
West Java, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Massive waterspout tornado tears along beach in Indonesia
East Java, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Dosey resident trips and falls into filthy floodwater outside home in Indonesia
Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia #Funny Virals
Rescue teams catch crocodile that killed schoolgirl, 16, in Indonesia
West Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Teenage girl, 16, killed by crocodile while bathing with her mother in river Indonesia
West Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Indonesia earthquake victim, 7, rescued after spending two days trapped under rubble
West Java, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Injured Indonesia earthquake victims receive treatment at hospital
West Java, Indonesia #Climate & Weather