Residents baffled by bizarre burning waves on beach in Indonesia
Central Sulawesi, Indonesia #
Marble-sized hailstones hit motorists during storm in Indonesia
Jawa Barat , Indonesia ... #
Giant turtle rescued after locals find it beached in the Indonesia
Pantai Oping, Indonesia #
BTS fans flock to McDonald's to try the Korean pop group-inspired meal in Indonesia
Samarinda, Indonesia #
Photographer captures shooting star falling into a volcano in Indonesia
Central Java, Indonesia #
House swept away by raging floods after heavy rain in Indonesia
South Sumatra, Indonesia #
Traffic barrier swept away by floods confuses drivers in Indonesia
West Java Province, Indonesia #
Indonesia boat selfie disaster aftermath
Kemusu Boyolali, Java Indonesia #
Whale shark swims up to fishing boat to ask for food in Indonesia
East Kalimantan, Indonesia #
Spooky moment submarine shaped cloud appears off coast of Indonesia
Sanur Bali, Indonesia #
Former British Marine facing 12 years in hell hole prison for ‘drug smuggling’ in Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #
Two cars make giant wave on flood road in Indonesia
North Sumatra, Indonesia #
Indonesia Cyclone Seroja aftermath leaves garage damage
Kota Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara #
Indonesia floods leave residents battling to secure homes
Railor Village Regency. Malacca, East Nusa Tenggara #
Waterspout towers over buildings before rainstorm in Indonesia
Pahang, Malaysia #
Hundreds of dead cockroaches scatter across kitchen floor in Indonesia
East Jakarta, Indonesia #
Heavy rain causes flash floods in Indonesia
Sumedang, Indonesia #
Delivery trucks cross swollen river after heavy rain in Indonesia
Majalengka, Indonesia #
Waterspout scares residents on beach in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #
Boy, 8, cut from crocodile’s stomach after being swallowed whole in Indonesia
Indonesia #