Huge python found curled up on family's kitchen window in Indonesia
Banten, Indonesia #Wildlife
Teenage girl, 14, killed in crocodile attack in Indonesia
Riau, Indonesia #Wildlife
Rescue team saves child, 7, who fell into 50ft-deep well in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Buffalo about to be slaughtered for religious rite escapes and attacks spectators
Riau, Indonesia #General News
Massive cargo ship crashes into small wooden fishing boat in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #General News
Gas leak covers street in white clouds causing panic among villagers in Indonesia
Banten, Indonesia #General News
Brazilian student arrested in Bali after being caught with marijuana he bought from Thailand
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Angry villagers pull missing neighbour's body from giant crocodile's stomach in Indonesia
West Papua, Indonesia #Wildlife
Fisherman goes missing after being attacked by crocodile in Indonesia
South Sumatra Province, Indonesia #Wildlife
Adorable boy sneaks outside house to play in rain in Indonesia
Sulawesi, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Driver killed when train crashes into car in Indonesia
West Java Province, Indonesia #General News
Police arrest six bar staff for blasphemy over promotion offering free drinks to people named Maria and MUHAMMAD
Jakarta, Indonesia #General News
Spectacular swirling tornadic waterspout damages mosque in Indonesia
Riau Islands, Indonesia #Climate & Weather
Woman swims with giant whale shark lurking beside boat
Gorontalo province, Indonesia #Wildlife
Metal gate collapses inches away from parked car after resident pushes it
Palembang, Indonesia #Funny Virals
Brave woman fights off killer crocodile pulling her underwater in Indonesia
South Kalimantan, Indonesia #General News
Two buses collide killing seven people in Indonesia
North Sumatra, Indonesia #General News
Farmer sparks outrage by holding a wedding with a female GOAT in Indonesia
Gresik, Indonedia #General News
Tourists spark outrage after having sex on beach in Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Lucky duck escapes hungry monitor lizard after being caught
Bali, Indonesia #Wildlife