Cobra hiding in car engine removed by wildlife rescue team
Phetchabun Province, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Green snake tries to get inside moving car in Thailand
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Tourists watch snake slithering on pavement in Japan
Tokyo, Japan #Wildlife
Huge snake rescued from car engine in India
Haryana, India #Wildlife
Traffic police catch python slithering across road
Narathiwat, Thailand #Wildlife
Tree snake slithers across car windscreen as driver panics inside
Misamis Oriental, Philippines #Wildlife
Mechanics and animal rescuers pull wild snake from under car
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Wildlife
Cobra stuck in square metal pipe rescued in Thailand
Thailand #Wildlife
Large python stuck in car engine rescued
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Firemen remove king cobra from family's kitchen
Bohol, Philippines #Wildlife
Female snake catcher subdues angry cobra in family's bathroom
Ang Thong, Thailand #Wildlife
Woman shocked when snake appears as she puts out the washing
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Kind resident helps free snake entangled in net in backyard
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake slithers on top of refrigerator in shop's kitchen
Ayutthaya, Thailand #Wildlife
Wild snake found hiding in resident's shoe left by front door
Kalasin, Thailand #Wildlife
Little snake pokes out of Lamborghini's car grille
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Wildlife
Firemen remove huge python coiled up on wall in the Philippines
Bohol, Philippines #Wildlife
Housewife screams when snake emerges near her feet
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Wildlife
Fearless snake catchers wrangle deadly king cobra using bare hands
Krabi, Thailand #Wildlife
Firefighters rescue python coiled around street light
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife