Python caught at the bottom of swimming pool
Phuket, Thailand #Wildlife
Rat snake hisses and strikes stick that resident uses to chase it out with
Chanthaburi, Thailand #
Puppy with swollen head resembles comic book star Snoopy
Sichuan, China #Pets
Cobra emerges from under sofa as woman relaxes in living room
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Terrified beautician runs away screaming when cobra slithers into salon
Songkhla, Thailand #Wildlife
Baby cobra slithering under boxes jolts homeowners in Thailand
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Rescuers drag gigantic python from family's roof
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Tabby cat fights with snakes on street's edge in China
Shandong, China #Pets
Terrified beautician runs for her life when cobra enters salon
Songkhla, Thailand #Wildlife
Horrified holidaymaker finds snake in hotel toilet in Austria
Vienna, Austria #Wildlife
Huge wild python caught in roof rafters of house in Thailand
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Wildlife
Pensioner finds deadly king cobra slithering past her feet inside sedan
Udon Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake wranglers smash holes in ceiling to catch python hiding inside
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Local's leg injured in vicious python attack while he goes to the toilet
Samut Prakan, Thailand #Wildlife
Kind neighbour removes large python from inside woman's car engine
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Small sunbeam snake caught in local's toilet in Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Wildlife
Python slithers on windscreen as car drives on Malaysian highway
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #Wildlife
Locals use broom to usher huge python out of their front room
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Injured 16ft python rescued in terrified resident's garden
Samut Songkhram, Thailand #Wildlife
Terrified family find HUGE king cobra dangling from their roof
Phatthalung, Thailand #Wildlife