Green snakes slither on concrete pillar inside restaurant
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Driver chases and catches snake slithering in front of his home
Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand #Wildlife
Stuck snake in school window interrupts class
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Brave driver picks up live python blocking the road
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Grieving sister batters cobra to death after it killed her brother in bathroom
Tarlac, Philippines #Wildlife
Snake leaps out of aircon and hides under bed
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Long snake slithers into home and hides behind cabinet
Maha Sarakham, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake bites worker's toe when she accidentally steps on it in office
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge python slithers across family's kitchen window
Songkhla, Thailand #Wildlife
Wild python slithering on road slows down traffic being rescued by locals
Chumphon, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Baffled pigeon narrowly avoids being caught by snake
Ban Klang Subdistrict, Thailand #Wildlife
Commuter dodges deadly cobra slithering across pavement
Madhya Pradesh, India #Wildlife
Python slithering in family's dining room shelves caught
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Wildlife rescuers drag 10ft python out of car's fender
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Firefighters catch snake hiding under kitchen sink in cafe in Thailand
Chon Buri, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge python pokes its head out of family's toilet
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Brave pet cat stares down giant python in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Snake slithers through plane in front of shocked tourists in Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge wild python caught in family's roof in Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia #Wildlife
Brave schoolboy, 6, carries large snake around house like a toy
Yunnan, China #Wildlife