Welcome to ViralPress! We're your top platform for sharing and licensing your amazing media content worldwide. In this video, we explain how to earn money and withdraw your well-deserved earnings.

Uploading your content is simple! Just go to , click on the upload button, select your video, wait for it to upload, fill in your details, and then click submit. That's it! You'll be automatically registered on our platform.

Make sure your video has its original sound, without any added music, watermarks, or text overlays. This helps avoid any potential rejections.

When your content is licensed, you'll receive an email notification. Remember, earning money may take some time, so be patient – your efforts will pay off!

How to Check and Withdraw Earnings:

To check your earnings, visit and select My Earnings. Your earnings will be displayed on the screen for your convenience.

When you're ready to withdraw your earnings, go to the My Payment Info tab, enter your details, then return to the My Earnings tab. Click on the withdraw button, review your details, and click confirm. Your payment will be on its way within 7-14 days.

Join our community of creators today and let's start turning your creativity into cash!


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