Chinese 3-D painter creates awesome optical illusions using perspective art
Hunan, China #Awesomeness
Thai artist hand paints amazing detailed designs on cups
Samut Sakhon, Thailand #Awesomeness
Young artist uses cotton swabs to draw on dusty car windows
Heilongjiang, China #Awesomeness
Artist carves images onto eggshells and turns them into cute lamps
Bulacan, Philippines #Awesomeness
Artist builds intricate handmade dragon sculptures from sawdust
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Awesomeness
Talented artist with disability sketches portraits using his mouth
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Awesomeness
Thai artist sells practical birthday 'cakes' made out of banknotes
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Awesomeness
Artist makes detailed K-pop portraits using sewing thread in beautiful string art
Pangasinan, Philippines #Awesomeness
Artist, 79, makes intricate leather carvings using cow skin in Thailand
Ang Thong, Thailand #Awesomeness
Needlework artist makes incredible giant crocheted mandalas by hand in the Philippines
Baguio City, the Philippines. #Awesomeness
Artist creates amazing 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' mosaic from recycled trash in the Philippines
Ilocos, Philippines #Awesomeness
Chinese street artist draws cool 3D murals on rural roads using charcoal
Fujian, China #Awesomeness
Artist-activist transforms garbage into incredible sustainable artworks in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
Budding artist, 8, draws incredible detailed artwork of his favourite dinosaurs
Quezon, Philippines #Cute Kids
Giant whale made of plastic bottles displayed in Bangkok 'to raise pollution awareness'
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
Inspirational disabled man without arms paints pictures for a living
Phitsanulok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Black magic tattoo artist sparks outrage with coyote dancers next to Buddhist shrine
Khon Kaen, Thailand #General News
Korean star DJ Soda injured when fan hurls GLASS at her
Riau Islands, Indonesia #General News
This Burmese artist makes incredible silicone dolls of Buddhist monks
Yangon, Myanmar #Awesomeness
Origami expert's amazing moving paper sculptures
United States #General News
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