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Creepy worm 'with horns' crawls on dirty bathroom wall in Myanmar

Footage shows the slimy creature searching for a way outside the tiled room in Yangon on May 26.
2022-10-01 12:44:48

Wild elephant roams outside villager's house in Thailand

The jumbo was filmed taking a stroll amid a downpour just outside resident Sirikhom Kmr's home in Chachoengsao province on September 29.
2022-09-30 17:56:01

Hapless monitor lizard rescued after its head was stuck in drain in Thailand

The creature was trying to climb from the sewers by squeezing through a hole in the concrete structure in Ayutthaya province on September 29.
2022-09-30 16:00:08

Massive 17ft long python caught after eating family's pet dog

The giant reptile was found by the property owner Netnarin Siriyanon, 40, while he was trimming the grass along the pond's banks in Chachoengsao province on September 28.
2022-09-30 15:25:52

Dozens of snakes crawl across dirt road in Laos

The slithering reptiles appeared to have emerged from their nest and littered the path in Savannakhet province on August 7.
2022-09-29 19:05:42

Panda celebrates 21st birthday with veggie and shaved ice cake at zoo in Thailand

Footage shows female panda Lin Hui - gifted from China - inside her enclosure as she sniffed around her treats made of carrots, potatoes, and apples in Chiang Mai Zoo on September 28.
2022-09-29 13:57:57

Wild elephant herd triggers road closure after blocking highway in east Thailand

An estimated 65 jumbos - including some smaller calves - were captured on CCTV emerging from the forest near the Khao Ang Rue Nai forest in Chachoengsao province on September 28.
2022-09-29 13:36:24

Monitor lizard caught rampaging through apartment in Thailand

The creature caused panic among tenants after it was heard clattering in the ceiling of a first-storey room of the building in Rayong province on September 26.
2022-09-29 13:33:42

Sun bear cub drinks milk while sitting on ranger's lap

Video shows the black baby bear hungrily suckling on the feeding bottle at the Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Center in Phetchaburi province on September 13.
2022-09-28 18:11:47

Snake sparks panic slithering among hospital seats in Thailand

The tiny green serpent was caught hiding behind a leather chair on the seventh floor of the Trang Hospital Center in Trang province on September 18.
2022-09-28 18:11:39

Dozy sloth falls asleep while eating corn on the cob

The lazy creature lived up to its name as it drifted off while completing its exhausting task - munching on some corn in its enclosure at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi province, Thailand, on August 17.
2022-09-28 18:11:30

Tourists hold giant Atlas moth with wings larger than their hands

Stephanie Chayer and her friend came across the enormous insect on Koh Pha Ngan island in Thailand's Surat Thani province, Thailand, on September 22.
2022-09-28 18:10:53

Shopkeeper baffled as flock of swallows fly into building

The birds were seen fluttering in and out of the electrical appliance store in Nakhon Ratchasima on September 23, rampaging near the ceiling while owner Duenshine Boonkrong, 64, went about her business.
2022-09-28 15:54:42

Villagers find massive 10ft python crawling through storm drain near busy market in Thailand

Alarmed locals called a rescue team when they spotted the enormous snake slithering under the steel grating outside a pawn shop in Nakhon Nayok province on September 26. The predator is seen flicking its tongue as it crawled through the cramped space.
2022-09-28 15:50:29

Deadly 8ft-long king cobra sparks panic after chasing mouse into family's home in Thailand

The enormous creature was stalking the rodent that entered a property's living room in Krabi province on September 26.
2022-09-28 15:49:41

Baby snake sparks panic after it is found hiding inside employee’s drawer

The tiny creature slithered inside the room from the window as it looked for a snack during the weekend when the building was empty in Rayong province, eastern Thailand.
2022-09-28 15:49:20

Enormous 15ft-long python found with PIG in its belly was caught in Thailand

The greedy serpent raided a fruit farm and stalked a 20kg hog in its enclosure before swallowing it whole in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on September 26.
2022-09-28 15:46:08

Wandering wild deer attacks resident fishing along China coast

Video shows the stag - reportedly a Sika deer - wandering on the shore of Dalian City in Liaoning province on September 25.
2022-09-28 13:23:57

Sick pet alligator hugs vet as he is taken to clinic for health check-up in Taiwan

The 3ft-long Caiman was taken by her pretty owner Sashimi, 28, to the animal medics after sensing he was unusually frail.
2022-09-27 18:25:30

Playful elephant slides down muddy hill on its knees after rain in Thailand

The male jumbo named Somsak was filmed sliding down the slippery dirt path while returning home in Ranong province on September 17. The large creature made happy grunting noises as it made streaks in the mud using its two hind legs.
2022-09-27 18:23:27
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