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Interpreter, 101, who helped Queen Elizabeth during visit to Thailand pays tribute to the late monarch

Srithong Areewong, 101, was a head teacher at a private school when she was asked to translate for the royals when they visited Chiang Mai province on February 14, 1972.
2022-09-16 17:08:28

Broke Brit sells fried banana to drivers to survive in the Philippines

Penniless Paul Ferriday, 40, from Anglesey, Wales, said he had no passport, no visa, and was bankrupt when a confused local asked him what he was doing as he was seen hawking sweet fritters for five pesos ( seven pence) to passers-by in Dumaguete City on August 26.
2022-08-31 13:36:29

Asda driver attacks motorcyclist with a POLE in Clapton Common, London

The road rage worker confronted the man following an incident with his scooter, which was knocked on the ground in front of the van on Clapton Common in Hackney, East London, on Monday evening.
2022-08-31 13:24:40

Police amuse locals with blurry CCTV pictures of 'Deadpool' wanted for assault in Luton

Bedfordshire Police officers took the screenshot from a CCTV footage showing an assault incident they are investigating inĀ Icknield Way, Luton, on July 3.
2022-07-20 15:41:17

Drunk British tourist bites police at holiday island airport in Spain

The unidentified 20-year-old holidaymaker reportedly refused to queue to have her passport checked by border police and pushed the other passengers in line in Palma de Mallorca Airport on May 23.
2022-06-01 13:04:08
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