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Brave girl, 16, extinguishes burning motorcycle abandoned by rider in China

The teenager Ling Zhiqi, 16, was buying snacks at a shop with a friend when they noticed the blaze engulfing a scooter on the other side of the road in Guangdong province on September 26.
2022-09-29 13:50:30

Stranded puppy rescued from 15ft deep canal

The hapless pooch was wandering the streets of the Ban Hae community in Loei province when it plunged into the Namman canal on September 22.
2022-09-28 18:11:24

Calf stuck in muddy pond rescued in Thailand

The seven-month-old female juvenile cow was walking with its herd back to the farm when the bigger animals accidentally pushed it in Chonburi province, Thailand, on September 24.
2022-09-28 15:51:38

Hero workers save stray dog trapped in dirty canal using backhoe in Vietnam

The group of builders were on their lunch break when they saw the hapless pooch clinging onto a rock in the middle of the water in Ho Chi Minh City on September 6.
2022-09-27 17:19:57

Little girl dangles from escalator handrails before being rescued in China

The youngster was seen with her arms outstretched clinging to the rubber belt as she was carried up to the second floor of the mall in Shanghai, China, on September 25.
2022-09-27 14:54:29

Kind motorcycle riders help British tourist fish out fallen AirPods from drain in Thailand

The two-wheeler taxi motorists noticed foreigner Lucas Gillespie peeking down the sewage covers and approached him in Bangkok on June 4.
2022-09-24 16:34:56

Firefighters use helicopter to rescue injured elderly hiker in Latina, Italy

The Provincial Fire Brigade Command of Latina said the rescue took place in the Picco di Circe locality, near the town of San Felice Circeo, in the province of Latina, Italy.
2022-09-24 16:09:23

Villager trapped in dam rescued in Thailand

The 30-year-old resident reportedly tried to cross the body of water to reach the next village but was swept away by the swift currents in Nakhon Ratchasima province on April 16.
2022-09-24 15:35:54

Kind cyclist uses his bike to rescues kitten stuck on wall in China

Footage shows the Good Samaritan holding up his bicycle, allowing the feline to hop onto its basket and down onto the pavement in the city of Huhehaote in Inner Mongolia on September 5.
2022-09-23 16:21:49

Four saved from stranded yacht drifting 180 miles from shore in Hawaii

The yacht sent out a desperate SOS when both its rudder and sails were smashed in a violent storm, and its engine failed.
2022-09-23 15:53:32

Buddhist temple turns into python sanctuary as monks discourage hunting them for food in Myanmar

The Seikta Thukha Tetoo is home to 30 large serpents of various sizes that are free-ranging the compound in Yangon.
2022-09-23 14:26:18

Boat cop leaps into river to catch thief in Florida

The incident took place in the Halifax river, located in northeast Volusia County, in the US state of Florida, according to the statement obtained from the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.
2022-09-22 17:24:14

Girl pulled alive from collapsed four-storey building in Jordan

The footage shows the baby, covered in dust but alive, being pulled out of the debris by a rescuer and handed to a colleague before she is whisked off to an ambulance.
2022-09-22 08:14:01

Kitten stuck in metal pipe rescued in Thailand

Bancha Maikham heard the moggie squeaking for help from inside a warehouse when he works in Bangkok, Thailand, on September 15 evening.
2022-09-21 15:00:10

Rescuers free pet dog stuck in metal fence 'after trying to follow its owner out of house' in Thailand

Volunteers arrived at the home in Ayutthaya province on September 15 after receiving calls from concerned neighbours about the hapless pooch that had been left hanging by its neck on the fence for at least three hours.
2022-09-20 13:53:18

Tourist saves 'vulnerable' Olive Ridley sea turtle tangled in fishing net in Costa Rica

Edin Pavon spotted the creature while he was riding a boat returning from a trip to the Corcovado National Park in Puntarenas province on August 25.
2022-09-19 14:31:02

Hero security guard vaults over railing to save grandmother who fell down escalator in China

The quick-thinking officer named Li Yang was on duty at the subway station in Wuhan on September 11 when he heard a loud thud behind him. He swung around and saw that an elderly lady in her 60s had lost her balance and bashed the back of her head on the escalator steps.
2022-09-17 13:33:19

Police save sobbing two-year-old boy from window ledge in Russia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia released the footage on Tuesday, September 13, regarding the incident which took place on Dubninskaya Street, in Moscow, the capital of Russia, on Friday, September 9.
2022-09-16 15:23:03

Farmer, 62, rescued after getting stuck at the bottom of 33ft-deep well

Thawin Ketwong, 62, climbed down the narrow shaft and spent half an hour tinkering with the pump motor below in Ang Thong province, Thailand, on September 13.
2022-09-15 14:56:59

Dramatic moment stranded elephant is rescued from fast-flowing flooded river in Thailand

The female jumbo named Pang-Sheunjai happily splashed on the deluged body of water after heavy rains in Buriram province on September 8.
2022-09-14 16:57:08
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