Furious lion lunges at gawping zoo visitors
Manila, Philippines #Wildlife
Tiger's water fear amuses zoo visitors in Milwaukee
WI, USA #Wildlife
Visitor pours goat milk from bottle into black bear's mouth at zoo
Liaoning, China #
Vienna Zoo marks World Polar Bear Day
Vienna, Austria #Wildlife
Toddler puts his finger into LION'S cage
Chon Buri Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Zoo gains online fame as visitors mock chubby wild animals, including tigers and crocodiles
Shandong, China #Wildlife
Hilarious moment child feeding fish to penguins jumps into pool for a dip
Sichuan, China #Wildlife
Black bear greeting visitors sparks 'human in costume' rumours in Taiwan zoo
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Wildlife
Giant panda climbs tree to retrieve zoo visitor's balloon stuck in branches
Hunan, China #Wildlife
Feed me, too! Baby black bear jumps up to see visitors at Chinese zoo
Henan, China #Wildlife
Giant anteaters tie the knot at Thai zoo for Valentine's Day
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Wildlife
Zoo backs pangolin conservation programme amid poaching threat
Namibia #Wildlife
China gifts new panda to zoo in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Wildlife
Baby zoo gorilla captivated by model's video playing on visitor's phone
Shandong, China #Wildlife
Panda unlocks gate at her zoo enclosure in China
Chongqing, China #Wildlife
Thai zoo holds dragon parade for Chinese New Year
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Food & Travel
Critically endangered chameleon has babies at zoo in Austria
Vienna, Austria #Wildlife
Playful penguins attack underwater camera at Milwaukee Zoo
WI, USA #Wildlife
Chimpanzee mirrors two zoo visitors' actions in China
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Adorable moment panda cub tries to get away from mother
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