Multi-tasking panda eats bamboo while scratching with his foot
Beijing, China #Wildlife
Endangered northern leopard frog hatches in Oregon Zoo after conservation efforts
OR, USA #Wildlife
Adorable panda cub annoys her mum to play with her not with a log
Moscow, Russia #Pets
Woman screams in fear when Lemur jumps on her head
Yunnan, China #Wildlife
Acrobatic panda tumbles head over heels from top of tree at Chinese zoo
Shaanxi, China #Pets
Russia's first giant panda cub refuses to let go of favourite toy
Moscow, Russia #Pets
Rare reindeer mum and calf arrive at Russian zoo as gift to Vladimir Putin
Moscow, Russia #General News
Large bird mimics little girl flapping her arms like wings behind enclosure window
Hebei, China #Pets
Clumsy panda scratches fluffy bottom in front of giggling spectators
Moscow, Russia #Pets
Raccoons go crazy for fresh apples in China
Shandong, China #Wildlife
Titicaca water frog breathes through its skin, scientists claim
Vienna, Austria #Wildlife
Hippo ambles through water at Milwaukee County Zoo
WI, USA #Wildlife
Otter extends hand through tube for snack at zoo
Hunan, China #Wildlife
Kitten zooms across floor on toy scooter
Liaoning, China #Pets
Bear greets visitors at zoo in Taiwan
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Wildlife
Meng Lan the panda delights crowds in China
Beijing, China #Wildlife
Orangutans cool off by splashing water at zoo in Taiwan
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Wildlife
Twenty five Pacific lamprey eels arrive at Oregon Zoo
OR, USA #Wildlife
Pandas prepare for journey from China to San Diego
CA, USA #Wildlife
Seal waddles onto scales to be weighed at zoo
WI, USA #Wildlife