Panda does aerial yoga at zoo in China
Guangdong Province, China #Wildlife
Bear performs yoga on tourist's command at zoo in China
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Museum criticised over yoga sessions in front of fine art paintings
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Kitten joins owner for relaxing yoga session on patio
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Young 'influencer' amuses tourists as she records a video-selfie of herself meditating
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Fitness enthusiasts hold lively yoga class on top of tallest building in Thailand
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Runner hurled off treadmill as little girl shoves yoga ball under machine
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Puppies join fitness enthusiasts for workouts at this yoga studio in Canada
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Woman does yoga while riding on motorbike in busy traffic in China
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Clingy pet cat lies on owner's back during yoga workout
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Naturists start naked yoga sessions as pandemic fears ease in Bangkok, Thailand
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Exercise enthusiast uses her pat cat as a set of weights
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Stunning yoga instructor, 23, 'murdered by ex-boyfriend hours after missing flight for dream trip to the U.S.'
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Russian tourist turns herself to police after posing naked on 700-year-old sacred tree in Bali
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