Delighted farmer and son find huge watermelon hidden under stems
Beijing, China #General News
Thai police seize six million meth pills concealed in watermelon shipment
Phitsanulok, Thailand #General News
Hiker finds monkey in toilet enjoying a snack
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Farmer cuts open watermelon and calabash hybrid crop
Hubei, China #General News
Watermelon growing in tight space turns out like a pie
Hunan, China #Natural World
Toddler has hilarious reaction to watermelon portions served up by mum
Henan, China #Cute Kids
Hungry cow tries to join family for dinner when it raids their tent
Inner Mongolia, China #Pets
E-bike rider wears watermelon on her head as helmet in China
Shandong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Sloth hangs upside down while eating watermelon in Japan
Gunma, Japan #Wildlife
Pampered pet pig eats favourite sliced watermelon
Bulacan, Philippines #Pets
Hungry hedgehog caught eating watermelons in woman's garden in China
Xinjiang, China #Wildlife
Watermelon stand washed away by floods in Pakistan
Batkhela, Pakistan #Climate & Weather
Pet cat wears watermelon rind like a helmet
Guangdong, China #Pets
Competetive worker smashes watermelon into partner’s mouth during fastest eating game
Cebu, Philippines #Funny Virals
Naughty sausage dog gnaws at watermelon balloons during annual dachshund parade in St Petersburg, Russia
St Petersburg, Russia #Pets
Vienna zoo animals mark International World Watermelon Day
Vienna #
Satisfying video of hungry hippo crushing watermelon in its huge jaws
Chonburi, Thailand #
Thai woman fined for selling watermelons by roadside in bikini
Lampang, Thailand #
Loyal pet dog wears pink apron and hat to help on owner's watermelon stall
Suphanburi, Thailand #