Locals abseil into 50ft deep well to save cow stranded in water
Madhya Pradesh, India #Everyday Heroes
Waterspout tornado whips in sea beside scary storm
Phuket, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Police horse doused with water to cool off in Toronto
ON, Canada #Pets
Black bear cubs play in tub of water to cool off in Oregon
Oregon, USA #Wildlife
Toddler gets her arm stuck in giant water dispenser bottle
Buriram, Thailand #Cute Kids
Local witnesses two waterspouts in China
Guangxi, China #Climate & Weather
Villagers form human chain to rescue goats stuck in raging flood waters
Madhya Pradesh, India #Climate & Weather
Thirsty elephant drinks water from hose to cool off
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Pets
Bus driver washes mop in road rainwater for cleaning vehicle
Heilongjiang, China #Climate & Weather
Marines given intense underwater training challenges for RIMPAC 2024
Hawaii, USA #General News
Stunning waterspout tornado hovers over islands in the Philippines
Oriental Mindoro, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Helicopters dump water on wildfires in Antalya, Turkey
Antalya, Turkey #General News
Deputies witness waterspout tornado Madisonville, LA
LA, USA #Climate & Weather
Titicaca water frog breathes through its skin, scientists claim
Vienna, Austria #Wildlife
Young boy rescues girl drowning in water-filled ditch in India
Tamil Nadu, India #Everyday Heroes
Hot water bag explodes on man's arm while girlfriend uses it to soothe his muscle pain
Rayong, Thailand #General News
Otters appear to walk on water while running through lake
Phuket, Thailand #Wildlife
Garden wall collapses from pressure of floodwater in Phuket, Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Spiderman takes zip line across 850ft high waterfall in Laos
Champasak Province, Laos #Awesomeness
Broken fire hydrant blocks traffic with powerful jet of water
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles