Firemen wrestle with huge python down the side of house in Indonesia
Jambi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Cars crawl through flooded streets in Florida
FL, USA #Cars & Vehicles
Hilarious Himalayan bear scratches that itch you just can not reach
Russia #Wildlife
Money from tourists hang from 'lucky' fig tree branch
Iloilo, Philippines #General News
Chinese boys dance to vehicle alarm rhythms on street
Tianjin, China #Awesomeness
Size k-nine! Police dog bites off suspect's shoe
FL, USA #General News
Chinese man blows bubbles with magical tree leaves
Yunnan, China #Awesomeness
Runaway bike crashes into diners at street restaurant
Guangdong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Camel has the hump after getting stuck in car following crash in India
Rajasthan, India #Wildlife
Married women wrap thread around tree trunk to honour husbands
Delhi, India #General News
Talented vendor skillfully moves fried food balls to tray
Taichung, Taiwan #Awesomeness
Outrage as famous 60-year-old 'welcoming' tree is vandalised in China
Hubei, China #General News
Felled trees crush parked cars and block traffic after storm
Beijing, China #Climate & Weather
Hilarious moment wind drags man clinging onto heavy street umbrella
Guangdong, China #Climate & Weather
Hip-hop rap fans join musical expo in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Pad tax! Government raids street food sellers to raise funds in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Millions of mosquitoes swarm around trees creating a smoke tornado effect
Shandong Province, China #Climate & Weather
Gas cylinder explosion injures six at market in India
Tamil Nadu, India #General News
Tree falls onto road causing power lines to explode during storm
Pattani, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Boy, 3, falls into uncovered drain in Thailand
Samut Sakhon, Thailand #General News