Waterspout tornado swirls off the coast of France
Dieppe, France #Climate & Weather
Homes ravaged by tornado in Gaithersburg, Maryland
MD, USA #Climate & Weather
Waterspout tornado seen on Santa Rosa Beach in Florida
FL, USA #Climate & Weather
Millions of mosquitoes swarm around trees creating a smoke tornado effect
Shandong Province, China #Climate & Weather
Texas hit by severe storms following weekend tornadoes
Texas, USA #Climate & Weather
Tornado towers above fields in Oklahoma
OK, USA #Climate & Weather
Tornado formation captured on video in Nevada
IA, USA #Climate & Weather
Tornado tears across horizon in Sterling County, Texas
TX, USA #Climate & Weather
Brown earth dust devil tornado whirls through Laos
Vientiane, Laos #Climate & Weather
Tornado hits homes in East Liberty, Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States #Climate & Weather
Elephant trunk tornado stretches from clouds to sea
Surat Thani, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Pitch and stay put! Tornado whirls through golf course in Missouri
MO, USA #Climate & Weather
Resident shows tornado damage in Finleyville, Pennsylvania
PA, USA #Climate & Weather
French Bulldog spins round tub of water making mini tornado
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Tornado tears along horizon in Michigan
MI, USA #Climate & Weather
Dust devil tornado damages worker's shack on building site
Loei, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Dust devil tornado whips through petrol station
Nong Bua Lam Phu, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Tornado twists along roadside in Hawley, Texas
TX, USA #Natural World
Waterspout tornado churns up the sea in southern Thailand
Phang-nga, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Fisherman sails perilously close to waterspout tornado
Phang-nga, Thailand #Climate & Weather