Horrified family find snake writhing in toilet bowl
Prachin Buri Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge monitor lizard rampages through home and hides in bathroom
Chachoengsao, Thailand #Wildlife
Passengers squeeze into TOILET on overcrowded train in India
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Huge python pokes its head out of family's toilet
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Woman locked in bathroom leans through air vent to shout for help
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Chinese man seen styling his hair with a lighter
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Bus passenger caught on CCTV going to toilet on the back seat
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Newlywed's prenup pictures ruined by stray dog going to the toilet
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Toilet catches fire when man drops cigarette into the water
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Rat snake hisses and strikes stick that resident uses to chase it out with
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Horrified holidaymaker finds snake in hotel toilet in Austria
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Local's leg injured in vicious python attack while he goes to the toilet
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Small sunbeam snake caught in local's toilet in Thailand
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Resident shocked when snake emerges from her toilet's U-bend
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Dozens of huge geckos gather on local's bathroom wall
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Huge 15ft python as thick as a tree trunk caught in family's bathroom
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Cat whines like a baby having a bath in the sink
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Former Thai ambassador to Denmark 'murdered at home by builder doing renovations'
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Airport ground worker 'told boy, 15, his suitcase was overweight then sexually abused him in toilet'
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Toilet building collapses as raging flood erodes foundation
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