Schoolgirl tattoos shapes and butterflies on fake skin
Buriram, Thailand #Cute Kids
Tattoo artist, 107, dances with tourists in the Philippines
Kalinga, Philippines #Lifestyle
Artist makes hole-punch portrait of iconic 106-year-old Filipina tattooist Whang-od
Pangasinan, Philippines #Awesomeness
Female fan has Post Malone's signature tattooed on her arm
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Post Malone signs fan's arm so they can have it permanently tattooed
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Burger shop heat stamps buns with Thai tribal tattoo designs for good luck
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Kitten sits on patient's lap keeping her calm while she has tooth removed by dentist
Manila, Philippines #Pets
World's oldest tattoo artist, 106, gracefully bursts into tribal dance at relative's wedding in the Philippines
Kalinga, Philippines #General News
Teenager dies from electrocution after trying cheap DIY tattoo machine
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Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Matt Healy draws tattoo for female fan in Singapore
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Girlfriend pranks boyfriend with fake tattoo of his name on her face
Halifax, UK #Funny Virals
Tattoo artist’s caring dog hugs customers to comfort them during sessions
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Talented schoolboy tattoos detailed patterns on fake skin sheet to practice in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #Cute Kids
Bungling Swedish thug whose face tattoos and snake-skin jacket attracted suspicion 'found with gun and drugs'
Chon Buri, Thailand #General News
Thai tattoo artist claims Covid-19 booster left her partially paralysed and blind
Chumphon, Thailand #General News
Artistic little boy, 7, draws own tattoo patterns and inks them on his father's arms
Chonburi, Thailand #Cute Kids
Woman's horrendous eyebrow tattoo fail leaves with her FOUR ugly black brows
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Black magic tattoo artist sparks outrage with coyote dancers next to Buddhist shrine
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Cheeky moment tattoo artist, 105, squeezes woman's boobs in the Philippines
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Bungling French Muay Thai fighter shows off tattoo in foreign language that spells word 'D*CK'
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