Rescue teams battle to save girl, one, stuck overnight in 50ft deep well in northern Thailand
Tak, Thailand #General News
Race to save girl, one, stuck overnight in 50ft deep well in northern Thailand
Tak, Thailand #General News
Rescue teams battle overnight to save one-year-old stuck in 50ft deep well in Thailand
Tak, Thailand #General News
Pet dog with head stuck in pickup truck’s engine rescued in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Huge wild elephant checks out cars stuck in traffic jam along forest road
Phetchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Pet cat with legs stuck in metal gate rescued by paramedics
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Kind passengers climb down pickup truck to help push stuck driver's broken-down car
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Hapless boy found stuck in water pot while playing hide-and-seek
Lopburi, Thailand #Cute Kids
Hero students stop football game to help stray dog stuck in goal net
Nakhon Phanom, Thailand #Pets
Kind-hearted man rescues egret with leg stuck in ice in China
Shandong, China #Everyday Heroes
Confused driver follows GPS only to end up stuck on train tracks in Thailand
Chachoengsao Province, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Train hits lorry stuck on level crossing injuring one in Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam #Cars & Vehicles
Drivers help family stuck in car after falling down side of ferry
Sichuan, China #Cars & Vehicles
Toddler rescued after getting stuck in rickshaw while playing in Indonesia
West Java, Indonesia #Everyday Heroes
Hapless mouse stuck in toilet rescued from school in Thailand
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Wildlife
Locals use cherrypicker crane to rescue stranded pet cat on tree branch
Rayong, Thailand #Pets
Bus stuck on icy road amid heavy snow in Japan
Kyoto, Japan #Climate & Weather
Clumsy puppy's head stuck between water bowl and table leg before freeing himself
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Hapless stray dog with head stuck in plastic pipe rescued in Thailand
Phuket, Thailand #Pets
Farmer uses excavator to rescue cow stuck in muddy pit in Cambodia
Cambodia #Cars & Vehicles