Woman saves seven stray puppies and their mum in forest
Rayong, Thailand #Pets
Stray kitten trapped between tree and wall rescued
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Pets
Market vendors save stray kitten trapped in car bumper
Ang Thong, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Cat unimpressed when owner starts feeding stray cat
Shanghai, China #Pets
Stray dogs enjoy ice bath in plastic basins to cool off
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Pets
Residents alarmed as giant python appears to crush stray dog under house
Cebu, Philippines #Wildlife
Stray wheel bounces along road in Thailand
Chonburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Stray cat helps his friend climb down tree
Beijing, China #Pets
Scared stray kitten hiding under car engine rescued
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Stray dog sparks chaos when it runs onto cricket in India
Gujarat, India #General News
Kind local stops cars so he can guide injured stray dog to safety
Chachoengsao, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Clingy stray dog pleads woman for snacks at convenience store
Samutprakana, Thailand #Pets
Dog rolls on the floor dancing to concert music
Roi Et Province, Thailand #Pets
Stray dog usurps military march by joining front of formation
Nakhon Nayok, Thailand #Pets
Woman finds stray cat stuck in water vending machine
Songkhla, Thailand #Pets
Woman falls from motorcycle while avoiding stray dog
Bangkok, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Old man rescues and adopt stray kitten he found on roadside
Phuket, Thailand #Pets
Driver removes side panel of his car to rescue stray cat stuck inside
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Driver rescue stray puppies from roadside and bathes them at home
Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand #Pets
Kindhearted woman feeds milk to stray kitten
Sultan Kudarat, Philippines #Everyday Heroes