Orangutans cool off by splashing water at zoo in Taiwan
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan #Wildlife
Man sprays truck with long hose for water fight for festival
Yunnan, China #Funny Virals
Tourist's slippers stuck to his ankle while spraying water at festival
Yunnan, China #Funny Virals
Grandparents battle to stop kids splashing in muddy puddles
Jiangxi, China #Cute Kids
Ethnic tribes enjoy water splashing ceremony at wedding in China
Yunnan, China #General News
Pet Golden Retriever cools off in water tub with hose splashing his head
Manila, Philippines #Pets
Woman knocked down by waves splashing at waterpark in Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica #General News
Monkey troop cool off by splashing around in fountain on hot day
Lopburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Young elephant enjoys splashing on muddy pond at Thai wildlife sanctuary
Chaiyaphum, Thailand #Wildlife
Playful lads enjoy splashing flood but scrambles when lightning stuck
Surat Thani, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Pet Shih Tzu puppy jumps with excitement while being taken for bubble bath
Bulacan, the Philippines #Pets
Four pet pugs enjoy splashing in shower with water-filled basins
Bangkok, Thailand #
Adorable elephant enjoys splashing in river
Surin, Thailand #