Jet of fermenting plum wine blasts opens fridge door and destroys sofa
Jiangsu, China #General News
Pomeranian pooch protects grandmother from pretend fight
Leyte, Philippines #Pets
Pampered pet bulldog has massage while cooling off on sofa
Sisaket, Thailand #Pets
Cheeky pet cat conceals itself inside electric sofa
Tianjin, China #Pets
Pet dog panics during earthquake in New Jersey
NJ, USA #Pets
Naughty pet dogs chew through sofa
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Purr-minator! Pet cat flexes muscles on sofa
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Chilling moment poltergeist appears to hurl baby from sofa
Chanthaburi, Thailand #General News
Monkey burglar steals apple while owner sleeps on sofa
Guizhou, China #Wildlife
Ginger cat stretches legs on sofa to copy owner
Chongqing, China #Pets
Curious boy lights up sofa
Yunnan Province, China #Everyday Heroes
Pet bird sleeps on sofa beside owner
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Stray dog living in beaten-up sofa adopted by Chinese family
Gansu, China #Pets
Father's quick reflexes save baby girl falling from sofa
Jilin, China #Everyday Heroes
Pet cat looks too comfortable leaning on owner's leg while sitting on sofa
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Quick-thinking dad catches toddler falling headlong from sofa
Liaoning, China #Cute Kids
Helpful daughter continues overworked mum's chores
Chonburi, Thailand #Cute Kids
Super strong pet dog drags entire couch with housewife while paying tug of war
Zhejiang, China #Pets
Cheeky pet cat steals bra as couple sit on sofa
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Cobra emerges from under sofa as woman relaxes in living room
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife