Wild cobra caught inside government office in Indonesia
East Java, Indonesia #Wildlife
Injured 20ft long python helped by passing motorcycle rider
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
King cobra hiding inside old man's tool box in garage rescued
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge snake found wrapped around motorcycle in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Firemen catch 17ft python in chicken coop in Indonesia
South Sulawesi, Indonesia #Wildlife
Chunky wild python found in grass at Buddhist temple
Chai Nat, Thailand #Wildlife
Police catch large python in Louisiana
LA, USA #Wildlife
Snake slithers past employees working in office
Tamil Nadu, India #Wildlife
Factory workers scream as colleagues catch rat snake on motorcycle
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Two huge rat snakes seen performing mating ritual coil dance
Phayao, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake charmer astonished when his 'male' cobra lays eggs
Madhya Pradesh, India #Wildlife
Tourists scream when huge cobra emerges on river raft
Chiang Rai Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge python caught in family's home in the Philippines
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Snake emerges on street during waterfight
Chon Buri Province, Thailand #Wildlife
Huge king cobra caught in Toyota car engine in Thailand
Chanthaburi, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Pet dog and child scared by snake slithering through garden
Chanthaburi, Thailand #Pets
Huge king cobra rescued after getting stuck in car wheel while looking for shade
Chonburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Dramatic moment woman dodges cobra lurking on her patio
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Large python slithers on wall under home's roof
Ratchaburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Snake slithers inside animal rescuer's shirt
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