Wildlife rescue teams sedate bear that ventured into school yard
Odisha, India #Wildlife
Pupils stand during dinner break so they can 'get back to studying more quickly'
Henan, China #General News
Schoolboy performs calisthenics on pull-up bar
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea #Awesomeness
Rat swims through the curry pot in school canteen in India
Telangana, India #General News
Monkey scampers through school library in China
Guizhou, China #Wildlife
Playful pet Dalmatian interrupts schoolgirl as she tries to do homework
Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand #Cute Kids
School bus full of pupils buried by landslide in India
Itanagar #Climate & Weather
Lucky schoolgirl dancing on roof narrowly avoids lightning strike
Bihar, India #Climate & Weather
Python sparks panic when it slithers into schoolgirl's desk during class
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Schoolgirl dodges lightning strikes while dancing on roof
Bihar, India #Climate & Weather
Traffic cop jumps in front of speeding lorry to save school children
Jilin, China #Everyday Heroes
Teacher helps schoolboy whose leg stuck in metal bleacher seat
Bangkok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Schoolboy, 14, dies after being electrocuted while turning off water dispenser at school
Trang, Thailand #General News
Schoolboy does a loop-the-loop and lands on the other side of swin
Zhejiang, China #Funny Virals
Locals stop train speeding towards schoolbus stuck on tracks
Bihar, India #Everyday Heroes
Pint-sized volleyball player with dwarfism looks like a schoolgirl on match against adults
Manila, Philippines #Sport
Two schoolgirls fall from moving van in India
Gujarat, India #Cars & Vehicles
Indians swelter as temperatures hit 42C and schools change opening times
Bihar, India #Climate & Weather
School of baby snakehead fish appear at riverbank in China
Henan, China #Wildlife
Prime Minister Narendra Modi opens new university campus in northern India
Bihar, India #General News