Roaring storm rips roofs off homes in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Hail storm rips roofs from buildings injuring 12 in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Postman hilariously takes picture of pet cat next to parcels as proof of delivery
Jakarta, Indonesia #Pets
Fed-up residents install sprinkler on roof to fight air pollution
Chiang Mai, Thailand #General News
Pet cat refuses to leave moving car's roof
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Pets
Wild monkey troop attacks cars caught in traffic jam in Thailand
Lopburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Hungry cat stuck on shrine roof for two days rescued in Thailand
Tak, Thailand #Pets
Wild monkey hangs from shop roof while urinating on tourists
Yunnan, China #Wildlife
DIY fail! Shopkeeper tumbles from ladder while repairing roof
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Funny Virals
Two giant pythons crash through ceiling while mating at family's home in Malaysia
Pahang, Malaysia #Wildlife
Temple roof collapses during huge blaze in China
Fujian, China #General News
Children dangerously play on roof of 150ft-high apartment building in China
Hubei, China #General News
Water heater misses tricycle by inches when it blows from building roof
Henan, China #Climate & Weather
Cheeky cat climbs through car sun roof... giving driver an amusing surprise
Antalya, Turkey #Pets
Gymnastic snake leaps from roof hitting ground with a thud but slithers away
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Snow covers roofs during cold spell in Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto, Japan #Climate & Weather
Innocent pet dog rescued when he climbs out on roof to watch sunrise
Phuket, Thailand #Pets
Fire engulfs rooftop of vacant building amid political protests in Peru
Lima, Peru #Conflict & Protests
Bungling helicopter pilot blows over stadium roof injuring eight during children's event in Thailand
Chanthaburi, Thailand #General News
Motorcycle rider survives crash by landing on car roof
Krabi, Thailand #General News