Ferry runs aground and gets stuck on rocks in Japan
Hokkaido, Japan #Climate & Weather
Tourist narrowly avoids large rocks as he slides down waterfall
Guangdong, China #General News
Woman slips on rocks while crossing stream
South Korea #Funny Virals
Stranded surfer spelled out 'HELP' with rocks before being rescued by chopper
CA, USA #Everyday Heroes
Stranded family rescued from rocks off Dublin coast
Dublin, Ireland #General News
Kind beachgoer carries dog stuck on rocks to safety
Pattaya City, Thailand #Pets
Group of goldfish rescue their friend fish trapped between rocks
Shandong, China #Pets
Earthquake sends boulder crashing onto road in Taiwan
Hualien, Taiwan #Cars & Vehicles
Marine rescue team saves seal stuck between rocks in New Hampshire
New Hampshire, USA #Wildlife
Landslide crashes onto mountain road blocking traffic in India
Uttarakhand, India #Natural World
Lifeboat crew save dog stranded on rocks in Fife
Kinghorn, UK #Everyday Heroes
Pet dog slips into river while walking over wet rocks
Misamis Oriental, Philippines #Pets
Boulders tumble down hillside in California
CA, USA #General News
Terrifying landslide buries highway as motorists miraculously escape
Guangxi, China #Cars & Vehicles
Massive rockslide falls from mountain onto car in China
Yunnan, China #Cars & Vehicles
Hikers hold onto rocks as windstorm batter mountain peak
Phetchabun, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Young woman shatters car's windows with rocks following neighbourhood row
Rajasthan, India #General News
Red wine glasses shake as earthquake rocks bar in the Philippines
Davao del Norte, Philippines #Natural World
Groceries topple from shelves as earthquake rocks supermarket in the Philippines
Davao del Norte, Philippines #Natural World
Chinese tourist stranded overnight on rocks when kayak capsizes rescued in Thailand
Trang, Thailand #General News